10 Relaxing Summer Activities

You know it’s summer when the sun stings your eyes and sweat trickles down your back. Finding relaxing activities to do can be difficult. Going to a theme park or a concert may seem fun in theory but can be stifling hot and crowded in reality. Sometimes we just need to cool down and relax from the day. Without further ado, here are ten relaxing summer activities:

1. Eat a snow cone

Snow cones are a perfect addition to a hot day! Not only do they cool you down, but they’re a tasty treat. Whether you’ve grown up eating them on a hot summer day or simply want to try a new concoction snow cones are great for any event.

2. Play a childhood game

Summer is often a time for play and what better way to play than to play a childhood game. Perhaps a game with the family such as tug of war, tag, or even hopscotch. Just because you may be older than you once were doesn’t mean you can’t still get in touch with your childhood self. So have fun with it! Play a board game or two, get out a deck of cards, and play your favorite games.

3. Read a book

Reading a book throughout the summer is a relaxing way to shake up your summer routine. Whether you like sci-fi, romance, or mystery books, there is a large variety you can choose from. But it’s great to mix it up every once in a while whether you’re giving a new author a chance or trying a new genre. Reading a book that greatly interests you will make your summer even more special!

4. Eat a slice of watermelon  

Nothing says summer more than eating a slice of fresh watermelon. Its appetizing taste can be mouthwatering to the senses leaving you to sit back and relax as you enjoy your treat. Watermelon on a hot day can be re-energizing, but if you don’t like it, other fruits are just as great.

5. Lay in a hammock

Hammocks are a summer must for they’re comfortable, cozy, and above all relaxing. You could bring your summer book and read a few chapters or simply doze off in the comfort of the shade of the nearby trees. Taking advantage of the summer weather by laying in these makeshift beds can not only be fun but calming too.

6. Stargaze

Stargazing is so fun! It can be as in-depth or as simplistic as you want to make it. If you’re into astronomy, you can buy the tools necessary to see the stars and planets close up, or if you just want to stargaze, you can simply lay a blanket on the ground and look at the stars with your naked eye. Since anyone can do it, stargazing can be a fun family activity or an intimate gathering with your significant other.  

7. Pick wildflowers

Picking wildflowers is a fun activity! Not only is it relaxing for the mind but you’ll have a bouquet for your table in seconds. Invite friends and family over to chat while you look for flowers that peak your interest. Or if you like, find a cool place to sit down and enjoy a picnic in the midst of the pretty flowers.

8. Bike ride  

Taking a leisurely bike ride around your town, park, or forest can make you unwind from the chaos of the day. You’ll be able to observe nature and or people watch as you ride along on your chosen course. You can have fun with the activity by bringing along friends or family to chat with you as you ride.  

9. Collect seashells  

Depending on where you live collecting seashells may be difficult. However, if you live by a beach or able to get to one you should definitely collect seashells on your summer vacation. Not only could you find an assortment of unique looking seashells, but it’s also a fun activity that will leave you with memories of your special summer!

10. Have a barbecue

Having a barbecue can be a great way to relax during the summer. You can invite friends and family over and play family fun games, or you can simply cook up a meal by yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet. No matter what you choose, you can appreciate some good food and have fun during the summer.

Now go put on your sunglasses and relax in the sun, have a great summer!