5 Fun Ways to Take Notes

Notetaking is known to be a slow and tedious process whether you’re reading out of a textbook or listening to a lecture in class. Due to its frustrating dullness, it’s easy to get distracted. I too have found myself lost in thought about random events and situations in order to no longer have to write one more word. But notetaking doesn’t have to be such a lackluster act; it can be fun if you make it be. Here are five fun ways to take notes:

1.Bullet journaling

Bullet journaling has become popular in recent years. However, instead of using it for random doodles and sleep schedules you can draw flow charts and write need to know phrases. Using a bullet journal for your notes can be useful since it allows you to be creative and have fun with your notes. Being involved with the material will help with studying and who knows you might just get an A on the exam!

2. Flashcards    

I know what your thinking, “They’re so tiny.” Well depending on your study habits flashcards could be useful and fun. Sometimes when you’re studying or listening to a lecture, you may feel like there’s an overflow of information and you need to write everything down. Flashcards allow you to write only the essential information due to the limited space. Also by using flashcards in your notetaking routine, you’re more likely to be engaged in your studying due to the need to find the important parts of a lecture or a concept. However, if you don’t want to handwrite everything Quizlet is a great online flashcard tool. It allows you to study in various ways that include games and tests.

3. The old fashioned notebook

Notebooks are great for notetaking, but it’s how you do it that makes it fun. Both, the outline method and Cornell notes are excellent ways of taking notes, but they can look dull. So grab the highlighters, colored pencils, colored pens, and if you’re into glittered pens those too. Creating notes that are visually attractive to you are going to make you want to not only study but want to study more. Have fun with it! Create doodles that relate to the concent, write phrases in the margins that inspire you, or you believe to be important. Just because notebooks are the ordinary notetaking method doesn’t mean your notes need to be traditional.

4. Online notetaking

Many people take their notes online whether it’s on Google Docs, OneNote, or some other program. Online notetaking has undoubtedly increased over the years, and perhaps it’s more enjoyable than other notetaking methods. You can draw, include links, photos, create visually stunning notes with different fonts. However, there is more of a risk of getting distracted by taking online notes since you can easily click a new tab and surf the web. With that being said, online notes allow you the freedom to create notes you enjoy.

5. Drawing

Drawing is a great way to study. You can draw simple sketches of concepts you need to remember, or you can draw a large doodle and write what you need to know in the middle. By drawing your notes, you’ll not only make your notes visually attractive to you but make the act of study fun. Also, drawing can be a beneficial study tool since your likely to remember what you draw.  

Have fun studying, busy bees!