10 Fun Activities To Do On July 4th

Fourth of July has been long celebrated by barbecues and block parties. Sometimes it good to switch up the festivities with a relaxing evening at home or a weekend getaway. Doing something fun for yourself or the whole family is perhaps just what you need to relieve the stress of a chaotic week. Without further ado, here are ten fun activities to do on the fourth of July:

1. Plan a getaway

Going out of town can be an exciting adventure if you allow it to be. Whether your traveling out of the state or simply driving an hour away, you can experience different scenery and immerse yourself in the different cultures. While some states are more popular than others for fourth of July weekend, don’t let the popularity scare you away. Enjoy the celebration the way you want to!

2. Bake red, white, and blue treats  

Instead of buying treats for your fourth of July party, why not make them instead? Not only is it fun for the entire family, but it’s a great way to add a personal touch to any party. You can make a cake and decorate it like the American flag, or bake cookies in the shape of a four and paint them with different color frosting. Have fun with it and enjoy the day of celebration!

3. Go for a picnic

Having a picnic at the park can be so much fun! Not only is lounging in the shade relaxing but going to a park can be a great place to go if you have little ones. They can run around and play while you set up the picnic area allowing them to use their stored up energy. If you want to add some patriotic spirit to your picnic, you can always cut up sandwiches into the shapes of the US states or bring a blanket that has some of the American spirit. By bringing patriotic items it may get your child involved with the holiday allowing for a fun learning exercise about the United States and why there is a fourth of July. Whether your child is older or younger, you can always make learning fun.  

4. Go for a bike ride

If you’re bored at home and want to go out, why not take a bike ride around town?  Chances are you’ll see many types of fireworks in the air and see many funny or interesting events happening throughout the night. However, you don’t have to take a bike ride alone, if you want, ask your friends or family to join you. If you find yourself bored while out riding, try challenging each other to see who can spot the most American flags.

5. Have a parade  

If you’re interested in having a fourth of July party but lacking to come up with some activities to do during the party, why not have your very own parade? You can invite guests to dress up in patriotic costumes and pay tribute to the very men and women who helped create such a nation. You can also create mini floats for kids or dogs in the form of wheelbarrows and decorate them in the spirit of celebration!

6. Play a game

Sometimes it’s nice to have some childhood fun. Whether you like to play trivia, a board game, or a game of tag, playing a game can be fun for the whole family. Instead of simply making it a competition, you can make it more educational and interesting. By asking trivia questions about the United States and fun fourth of July questions, you can learn interesting facts you wouldn’t have known before. If you play a board game or a game of tag, have the loser ask the winner a series of questions about a given topic about the history of the United States. No matter whether you win or lose, you can have fun playing a game you enjoy but also learn about the history of the United States.

7. Go to a beach  

Going to the beach can be a great fourth of July treat! Not only can you see fireworks from the water but you can have fun in the sun. Inbetween building sandcastles and surfing waves, you can relax in the shade and read your favorite book. Of course, beaches are likely to be busy during the holidays but don’t let that get you down. Find a relaxing spot and let the cool ocean breeze do the rest.

8. Go to a sporting event   

Are you a fan of sports? Then why not catch a game on independence day? Of course, you might have to buy tickets beforehand, and some teams and or sports might not be playing on July fourth. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play a game with friends or family. Invite them to join in or cheer on fellow teammates. Whether you go to a sporting event or simply attend a community baseball game have fun and remember it’s not who wins, it’s about the love of the game!

9. See a Movie  

Seeing a movie is a great way to shake up your fourth of July routine! You can rent a movie from Redbox, or go out and see a new movie in theaters. Or if you want to be creative, you can have an outdoor screening of a Netflix film or an old timing flick. No matter how you see it, seeing a movie can boost your intelligent wisdom and open your mind to new possibilities.

10. Quiet day at home

Rather than going out and being social, why not spend your fourth of July holiday at home? Sometimes it’s necessary to have some peace and quiet away from the chaos of those who are celebrating. Not only can relaxing at home be the vacation you need, but it can rejuvenate your spirit too. If you want to add some patriotic activities to your day, you can watch fireworks from your porch or TV, watch historical shows, or learn about the USA.

Now it’s time to celebrate, what are you going to do?

If you have any fourth of July tradition feel free to tell me in comments!