10 Tips for Traveling Outside the U.S.

Are you traveling outside the country for the first time? Don’t worry, with these traveling tips you’ll be a traveling wiz in no time. From researching events to buying travel products, you can plan a trip you’ll remember forever. Without further ado, here are ten tips for traveling outside the U.S:

 1.  Do Your Research  

Research is always important when traveling but especially so when traveling outside the U.S. Understanding what documentation is required as well as the necessary vaccinations needed if any is key. Also, recognizing customs law and import laws of your destination is essential when traveling from place to place.

It’s a good idea to read up on your destination before traveling in order to get a good idea of where you’re going. Books about your destination’s history, crime rates, local atmosphere, culture, and other related topics are a good place to start. In doing so, you might want to pick up a few local phrases to better orientate yourself with your destination. Phrases like, “where’s the bathroom?” or “can you help me find…” could be useful to you in your travels.   

2. Have a Copy of Your Passport  

When traveling outside the U.S, your passport identifies who you are. It’s an important document that you should always have with you. However, since life isn’t always fair, it could get stolen, lost, or even damaged. That’s why it’s always good to have a copy of your passport on hand. Whether it’s a physical copy or an image on your phone, keeping a copy of your passport ensures that you always have a way to be identified.  

3. Have Local Cash 

Since not every place accepts credit cards, it’s a good idea to have local cash on you. You can go to an ATM, bank, or a conversation center to receive cash. Since some ATM’s and banks will charge you fees, it’s best to do your research once again. Before traveling find out which banks or ATM’s you can go to without being charged a fee.  

4. Wake Up Early    

Whenever you’re on vacation, sleeping in is almost required. But if you want to see some of the most scenic sights without the disruption of mass crowds, it’s best to get up early. By getting up early, you can enjoy the peaceful views in the morning sunshine. Also, you can find the cutest breakfast places! Who doesn’t like pancakes, right? 

5.  Buy Event Tickets in Advance    

Okay, let’s be real who likes waiting in line? While many events require tickets to be purchased; the process is often slow and tedious. With some tickets racking up large sums, event tickets can be expensive when obtained at the event location. Buying tickets in advance not only saves you time but can also save you money. Since some online deals may be fitted to your price range, you’ll get a better deal for planning ahead.

6. Don’t Over Plan  

When your on vacation in another country, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Going to events, and sighting is important on any trip, but it’s also essential that you take your time to relish in your surroundings.  Instead of jumping from one attraction to another, soak in the atmosphere around you and get lost in it for a while. Stroll through a market or leisurely walk through some shops. Find what’s unique to you about your destination. 

7. Make Friends with the Locals 

Making friends with locals is an excellent way to get to know your destination. With stories to tell and heartfelt antidotes, they can share more about your given destinations than books. While many people go to see the scenic sights to enrich their understanding of a particular culture; however, the locals offer a wide range of knowledge that is often overlooked.  

8. Bring a Scarf with You  

Travel scarfs are a godsend. With different styles from longer wraps to thick blanket scarves, there’s always a style to fit your destination. You can wear one for sun protection, warmth, or comfort to ease traveling woes. However, with various patterns, you’ll look stylish for any occasion.  

9. Bring a Filtered Water Bottle 

As many people know, tap water is not always safe to drink in some regions. While water bottles are commonly offered, bringing a filtered water bottle can help save the environment. Since you won’t be discarding plastic or drinking contaminated water, you can feel good about what you drink. With different styles and customizations, you can find the perfect water bottle for you. 

10. Have Fun

Whenever you’re traveling, having fun should be your first priority. Whether you’re visiting Rome with family, traveling to Tokyo with friends, or going on an adventure by yourself, you should enjoy your travels. By seeing the scenic sights or strolling through the cobblestone streets, you can delight in the wonders of the world.  

Now off you go, traveling bees go have fun on your next vacay! 

5 Reasons Why Mount Dora is Florida’s Hidden Gem

Many travelers who visit the Sunshine State, likely choose to visit places like Disney World, Miami, or even the Everglades due to their popularity. However, one of Florida’s most scenic places isn’t one tourist’s are likely familiar with. Located in central Florida and an hour away from Orlando, Mount Dora offers visitors a family-friendly atmosphere where you can kick back and enjoy the sun. Without further ado, here are five reasons why Mount Dora is Florida’s hidden gem: 

1. Mount Dora Lighthouse  

photo source: blog.eragrizzard.com

Mount Dora Lighthouse is a must-see if you’re visiting the beautiful city of Mount Dora. 

Just a short stroll from downtown Mount Dora you’ll see the picturesque views of the lakefront at Elizabeth Evans Park and also enjoy the sights of Mount Dora Marina. It’s a great family fun adventure; you could even ride around on a segway! 

That’s right, segway tours around Mount Dora lighthouse are available for those who want to enjoy the scenic sights from a different perspective. Catboat Adventure Tours, are also available in which you can drive your own boat and see the charming views. Narration and historical information are provided on the tour, so it’s equally as fun as it is informative about past events, perfect for any family event!  

2. Palm Island Boardwalk  

photo source: floridahikes.com

The Palm Island Boardwalk offers visitors sights to remember. With eight acres of natural preservation land, visitors can enjoy a tasty treat at one of the three picnic pavilions, walk through the nature trails, or stroll on the lengthy boardwalk. 

While walking on the boardwalk, visitors are likely to see the beautiful waterside of Lake Dora or spot wildlife creatures in their natural habit. Who knows you might even see an American Alligator! 

While its charming views of the sunset are perfect to view with your significant other, it’s family-fun atmosphere is what makes Palm Island Boardwalk an attraction to remember.  

3. The Royal Railway Experience  

photo source: whattodoinmtdora.com

This is one activity you don’t want to miss! Provided by the Orlando and Northwestern Railway, the Royal Railway Experience offers customers excursions including family fun activities to adult-only themed rides. 

Some of the more popular rides include the Pizza Train, Murder on the Royal Palm, The Polar Express train ride, and the Royal Wine Limited train. These train rides provide customers with customary dining selections, entertainment for all, and unique interactive experiences! 

While pricing can sometimes change depending on the season; however, normally children 12 and under ride for free. Whether you’re looking to kill some time or searching for a fun activity for the family, this is one activity everyone will like!  

4. Bed and Breakfast Inns

photo source: historicfloridainns.com

If you’re looking to stay in Mount Dora, there is no better place than one of Mount Dora’s bed and breakfast inns. 

Filled with warm-hearted charm and cozy living quarters, Mount Dora is home to about a dozen bed and breakfast inns, which offer visitors a range of options from quaint and quirky to luxurious and grand. Some bed and breakfast inns accommodate travelers with pet-friendly options and convenient living spaces for every type of family. 

While other bed and breakfast inns are suited to serve adult couples and small families. Whether your passing through or sighting seeing, consider staying at one of Mount Dora’s highly rated bed and breakfast inns, it will make your vacation all the more special! 

5. Antique Shopping  

photo source: renningers,net

For those who love to shop for antiques, Mount Dora is a must stop! Since Florida’s Antique Trail travels right through Mount Dora, it offers visitors a chance to stop at various antique shops, and malls, providing travelers with the perfect adventure for antiques. 

One mall, in particular, Renninger’s Antique Center, presents customers with lavish events throughout the year such as cars and guitars shows. While they’re open to the public, an entry fee may apply in some events. 

However, Renninger’s Antique Center also features two separate areas, one completely designated for antiquing while the other is a flea market. While not everyone may enjoy the specifics of antiquing, although searching through a shop or walking through the one the various malls could be an entertaining date! 

Now that you know some of Mount Dora’s perks, check it out and visit it for yourself, trust me you won’t be disappointed! 

5 Scenic Places to Visit on Your Disney World Vacation

Taking a vacation to Disney World can certainly make you the happiest person on earth from the unlimited fairytales to the thrills of the amusement rides. However, by limiting yourself to visiting the parks at Disney World can make you miss out on the wonders of the surrounding areas. These five locations feature their own unique twist to family fun and romantic outings. On your next Disney World vacation, check out these five places: 

1. Cocoa Beach 

source: cocoabeachpier.com

Disney World can sometimes be stressful through the long lines and the amount of people that funnel through the park on a daily basis. If you want to get away for a day, why not take a trip to Cocoa Beach? 

Located an hour away it can give you time to relax and regenerate for the next day of Disney fun. While at Cocoa Beach you can surf some waves, have a picnic at the beach or build sandcastles! 

Also, you can take a stroll on the Cocoa Beach Pier and explore the unique shops filled with locally made accessories, apparel, and more. If you’re interested in dining, there are multiple restaurants located on the pier that feature oceanside views and a variety of seafood. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun!

2. Cape Canaveral  

source: msccrusiseusa.com

Cape Canaveral is certainly a gem of a city. With its beaches, parks, and museums, it provides a laidback atmosphere for all types of family fun. It’s most known attraction the Kennedy Space Center offers an insight into space as you learn about NASA and the astronauts that entered into history. It’s a great learning experience for anyone interested in space or science. 

Also, Manatee Sanctuary Park is a great place to walk and talk with your partner if you need some alone time. With a waterfront view, you can walk on the boardwalk or have a picnic at one of the many picnic stations. Cape Canaveral is more than meets the eye, next time you’re on vacation check out this scenic city. 

3. Celebration, FL  

source: chipandco.com

If you’re looking for a quaint place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of Disney World than Celebration, Florida is for you. This charming city features various types of food, such as seafood to macarons. 

Also, Celebration, Florida provides activities such as lounging by the waterside, shopping venues like Dazzling, and a movie theater. Since Disney established Celebration, Florida, there is a similar delight within its streets. 

It’s laid back atmosphere is perfect for a romantic outing with your significant other. You can talk in the seats by the waterside or enjoy the day with a book in your hand. Celebration, Florida is a place that keeps on giving.  

4. Disney Springs   

source: insidethemagic.net

Disney Springs or as it used to be called Downtown Disney features an assortment of activities not offered in the Disney parks. From upscale and eccentric shopping venues to family fun entertainment. Disney Springs offers many live shows, movies, and games such as bowling for families to partake in. 

However, unlike other places, you can be taken to Disney Springs by the Disney bus. It’s a great opportunity to explore the wonder of Disney in a different way. Each night different performers take the stage to bring a new twist to Disney springs. 

For adults, Disney Springs offers various bars, lounges, and even different forms of entertainment to choose from.  While on your next Disney vacation check out Disney Springs it can add a sprinkle of happiness to your day. 

5. I-Drive  

source: internationaldriveorlando.com

International Drive Resort Area is one of the most diverse areas in Orlando, offering a variety of dining, entertainment, and shopping selections. Some of the venue’s that are most popular include: Pirate’s Cove Adventure miniature golf course, Orlando International Premium Outlets, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not! 

Since I-Drive prices are lower than some of the amusement parks, it has become a hub for many visitors. With its many options for family fun such as dinner shows and recreational activities, it allows families from all over to enjoy their stay.  

However, I-Drive also provides selections for adults like the world’s largest permanent ice bar, BB King’s Blues Club, and more. With both family activities and nightlife selections, I-Drive has it all to make your vacation be one to remember.  

Visiting Disney World can be an adventure in itself but if you have the time check out the surrounding areas and shop at the local stores, see the scenic cities, and perhaps visit one of the many entertainment selections on the way. Disney has many attractions in its parks, but Disney World is only one of Florida’s charms there’s much more to Florida’s beauty you just have to travel and see. Have fun!