15 Inexpensive Date-Night Ideas

Dating can be expensive between the dinner bills and the trumped-up charges at movie theaters. But dating shouldn’t come at such a large expense when you want to spend time with your significant other.  Here are 15 low-cost ideas for date-night:

1.Go to a park

Nature walks can be entertaining when you’re with your significant other. Not only is a park a great place to talk about matters of the heart but you can enjoy the scenic view. Also, you can have a picnic, fly a kite, people watch, and don’t forget about looking for animals!

2. Have a spa night together

If you’re feeling sensuous why not bring out the candles, essential oils, and of course the cucumbers. Having a spa night not only makes each other less stressed from the chaos of the week, but it’s a great chance to bond.

3. Exercise together

Depending on your interests exercising together could be a treat! Not only are their many workouts you can do but you can do them for a low price too. You could enjoy some time at the gym, go to a yoga class, or join a spinning class.

4. Go bowling

Going bowling is a fun activity to do on date night. Some bowling alleys have daily specials which include bowling, games, and food all for a low cost. Also, you could invite other couples to play and turn it into a double date.

5. Go to a neighborhood play

Community plays are a great way to shake up your usual routine. Since you never know what you’ll see they’re perfect for a spontaneous night out and a fun way to connect with your significant other.

6. Attend happy hours and make appetizers your meal

Eating out can be difficult when you need to save money; however, you can easily cut costs by taking advantage of happy hour. Many restaurants have a happy hour special where drinks and appetizers are featured at a lower price. Instead of spending the extra money and buying an entree, you and your significant other can share appetizers. It’s cost-effective, and it totally gives off lady and the tramp vibes.  

7. Go on a morning date

Instead of always going out in the evenings for date night, you can switch it up and go on a date in the morning. Instead of planning dinner, you can make breakfast plans. Personally, I would make breakfast at home and eat it in bed instead of going to a crowded breakfast restaurant. But many breakfast places serve quality food at a low price.

8. Cook together

Whether your a professional chef or don’t even know how to boil water cooking with your significant other will be an adventure. If you’re interested, you can try couples cooking class or simply cook in the comfort of your own kitchen. No matter if turns own like the picture on the recipe book or is an epic fail it’s important to note that having fun and spending time with your special someone is the goal.

9. Do seasonal activities

Many people take the changing of the seasons for granted. However, seasonal activities are perfect for date-nights. Since you and your significant other get to bond and relive childhood memories, seasonal activities are special in their own right. Whether it’s taking hay rides, creating a gingerbread house, or hiding Easter eggs both you and your significant other get to share an intimate moment beyond the seasonal disorder.

10. Join a dance class

Dance classes are a perfect addition to any date-night. Not only do they allow you to get close to your significant other but they empower you to explore a different side of yourself. While experimenting with different styles of dance, you can express your emotions and bond with one another.

11. Take online relationship quizzes

If your feeling bored and want to shake up your usual routine take a few online relationship quizzes. They’re great conversation starters, and you might learn a thing or two about yourself or your significant other.

12. Write a love letter to each other

Writing a love letter to each other is a romantic and sweet gesture to share your feelings for one another. You could write the letter on your own time and share it with your significant other on your date!

13. Find a psychic and get a reading for a low cost   

Depending on your beliefs, psychic readings might not always be correct. However, getting a psychic reading can be a fun diversion from your usual routine. Since they’re packed with unusual discovery and entertaining meaning, getting a psychic reading can be a joyful experience for you and your special someone.

14. Go to a beach

Depending on where you live going to a beach may be difficult. But if you live close to the beach, it’s an excellent place for a date. Not only can you look for seashells but you can make sandcastles, play volleyball, and have a picnic.

15. Go to a poetry slam

Poetry slams can be an interesting event for a date night. Since poetry explores the heart and the mind through a literary lens, it’s a great way for you and your special someone to discuss and debate topics. You might even learn something new about your significant other!

Now off you go you lovebirds, have a fantastic date-night experience!