10 Inspirational Quotes from Movies and TV Shows

We all need inspiration from time to time, but sometimes it lies where you least expect it. So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite movies and TV shows with the most inspirational lines. Some of them you may have seen or heard while others may be new to you. I hope they inspire you as they inspired me. Without further ado, here are ten inspirational quotes from movies and TV shows:

1. Be Brave: We bought a Zoo

You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.  

Benjamin Mee

Benjamin Mee said this to his son when he didn’t know how to express his feelings to a girl he liked. Sometimes you need to throw caution to the wind and take a chance. While it’s risky and it might not turn out how you hope you’ll end up feeling happy for having shown your true feelings.

2. Don’t give up: Secretariat

This is about life being ahead of you and you run at it! Because you never know how far you can run unless you run.

Penny Chenery

Penny Chenery says this as to why she shouldn’t sell Secretariat, but her reason is one everyone can relate to. It’s important to not give up on your hopes or dreams. But instead to chase them by working towards them in whatever way you choose. Following your heart after everything in the world is telling you not to may be a hard pill to swallow, but you just might reek the rewards for it in the future.  

3. Be yourself: What a girl wants

Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?   

Ian Wallace

Being yourself is often difficult with everyone trying to tell who you’re supposed to be. But don’t go along with it, don’t cave. Be who you want to be whether that’s an artist, geologist, or a personal trainer. Be yourself, and you won’t regret the happiness you’ll find along the way.  

4. Don’t be afraid of the unknown: A Cinderella Story

Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.  

Samantha Martin

As a phrase her father used, Sam soon adopts it to express her faith in herself. While the future is uncertain, don’t be afraid of those uncertainties. Embrace them. The future doesn’t have to be scary if you don’t want it to be. So live in the moment and have fun. You only live once, right.

5. The truth will set you free: NCIS

We collect secrets over the years; hide behind them, depend on ’em like aces up our sleeve. We think we have to protect the people we love from the truth, but the truth isn’t the poison it’s the cure.  

Mike Franks

While the phrase ‘the truth will set you free’ is cliche, it’s true. We have to stop protecting the people we love by saying what we think they want to hear or what is easier to say. By telling the truth and letting your true feelings be shared, we all can better communicate about what is wrong or right.

6. Know when to move on: The West Wing  

What’s Next?

Jed Bartlet

Sometimes we get comfortable in our jobs, relationships, and even in our homes to notice that were too comfortable. It’s important to know when to move on not only from one task to another but also in life. Whether it’s applying for a promotion, moving to a different city, or chasing a lifelong dream, ask yourself, “What’s next?”

7. Nothing’s ever completely gone: Mary Poppins Returns

Nothing’s gone forever, only out of place.

Mary Poppins

Nothing’s ever completely gone due to the memories we have, the stories we share, and the people we talk to. While some people may not be able to see the world today, that doesn’t mean their spirit is gone. It’s simply existing in a new form.

8. When one door closes another one opens: Uptown girls

Every story has an end. But in life, every ending is just a new beginning…

Ray Schleine

I know you probably heard the phrase when one door closes another one opens, but it’s true. After a breakup, you can move on and meet new women or men. After losing a job, you can look for a new one that offers different benefits, hours, and wages. By starting a “new beginning,” you can experience new opportunities and new adventures that you wouldn’t have had before.

9. Ask someone who understands: The West Wing

This guy’s walking down a street when he falls in a hole. The walls are so steep, he can’t get out. A doctor passes by, and the guy shouts up, “Hey you, can you help me out?” The doctor writes a prescription, throws it down in the hole and moves on. Then a priest comes along, and the guy shouts up “Father, I’m down in this hole, can you help me out?” The priest writes out a prayer, throws it down in the hole and moves on. Then a friend walks by. “Hey Joe, it’s me, can you help me out?” And the friend jumps in the hole. Our guy says, “Are you stupid? Now we’re both down here.” The friend says, “Yeah, but I’ve been down here before, and I know the way out.”

Leo Mcgarry

Leo Mcgarry shares this brilliant metaphor with Josh, who is sharing his feelings on PTSD. By asking for help from someone who understands your situation can not only make you feel less alone in the process but can be extremely beneficial to your mental health.

10. Sometimes you just need to take a break: Christopher Robin

Doing nothing often leads to the very best something.

Winnie the Pooh

Anyone who has seen Christopher Robin knows Winnie the Pooh delivers some killer wit and it’s no surprise that this line came from the funny old’ bear himself. Sometimes when dealing with a project, personal issues, or matters of the heart, you can overthink and get inside of your head. But by doing “nothing” as Pooh declares you can relax and de-stress. Oftentimes this act of doing “nothing” leads you to ideas of inspiration and thoughts of clarity that can point you towards your end goal.

So…what do you think?

Have these quotes inspired you? Do you wish I included other movies or TV shows quotes? Tell me in the comments some of your favorite inspirational TV show and movies quotes.  

10 Activities That Will Make You Smile

Are you having a bad day or even worse a bad week? Or are you just in the mood to smile? Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from the world and turn that frown upside-down. So, I’ve gathered ten ideas that are foolproof to make you smile and giggle. Do one or do them all just remember it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile!

1. Play with puppies  

Playing with puppies will make you smile from ear to ear! You can volunteer at a local shelter or offer to dog sit for a friend. Playing with puppies will not only help you de-stress from a long week but also provide you with the loving support of man’s best friend.

2. Be a fashionista

It’s time to put away the sweats and put on what makes you glow. Whether it’s a feather dress or a polo tee, wear clothes that express who you are and who you want to be. Wearing clothes that make you feel good will send a smile straight to your face. So have fun with it, mix and match patterns you never have before, try on unique looking shoes, and be you!

3. Play on the swings

It’s always fun to do something from your childhood, and playing on the swings is no different. While it’s a joyful exercise for all ages, it’s one that’s guaranteed to leaving you smiling! No matter if you choose to go alone, or with a friend, or loved one playing on the swings can be an opportunity to laugh about the past and enjoy the present.

4. Listen to your favorite artist

Listening to music is a great way to put a smile on your face. Not only does listening to your favorite artist make you happy, but it also lets you get lost in the music. So clap, dance, make funny faces and snap pictures all to the beat of the songs you love.

5. A good quote  

Reading quotes can help you through a hard time. Since they’re inspirational, sometimes funny, and overall moving they’re more than likely to bring a little happiness to your day. A favorite one of mine is by Randall G Leighton who said, “Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt and dance like no one is watching.

6. Hug a stuffed animal  

Stuffed animals are not only for children but are for the smiles of everyone. Whether your weakness is Olaf’s cuteness or a baby penguin’s cuddly nature hug a stuffed animal for a minute or two and you’ll experience an uncontrollable burst of happiness. So next time you see a stuffed animal in the store, instead of passing it up buy the little creature and give him or her a little cuddle.

7. Eat breakfast in bed  

Eating in bed can greatly improve your day. While it’s practical, it’s also so much fun. You can make cereal and lounge around and watch TV. Or if you want to try something new, why not craft together an omelet or some waffles for a morning of fun. It’s not only relaxing, but it’ll allow you some time to just be you.

8. Take a bubble bath  

Taking a bubble bath is one way to relax from a chaotic day. While it’s rejuvenating bubble’s will make anyone want to smile, it’s also the perfect treat to treat yourself to. There are various types of bubble bath’s that you can choose based on scent, skin type, and ingredients. So jump right in and relax!

9. Watch an old movie

Watching an old movie is not only nostalgic but also is an activity that brings joy to the entire family. Movies like The Breakfast Club, Cinderella, and The Godfather leave you with timeless characters and plots you want more of. Grab some popcorn and click play, and you’ll be smiling in no time.

10. Buy a gift for yourself

Sometimes it feels like we don’t appreciate ourselves as much as we should. So go out there and buy yourself a well-deserved gift. Whether it’s a cute bikini or a foot massager, buy what you have long wanted but never bought. It’s time to spoil yourself, and you might find a little smile peak at your lips.

Now off you go smiling angels have a great week!

10 Relaxing Summer Activities

You know it’s summer when the sun stings your eyes and sweat trickles down your back. Finding relaxing activities to do can be difficult. Going to a theme park or a concert may seem fun in theory but can be stifling hot and crowded in reality. Sometimes we just need to cool down and relax from the day. Without further ado, here are ten relaxing summer activities:

1. Eat a snow cone

Snow cones are a perfect addition to a hot day! Not only do they cool you down, but they’re a tasty treat. Whether you’ve grown up eating them on a hot summer day or simply want to try a new concoction snow cones are great for any event.

2. Play a childhood game

Summer is often a time for play and what better way to play than to play a childhood game. Perhaps a game with the family such as tug of war, tag, or even hopscotch. Just because you may be older than you once were doesn’t mean you can’t still get in touch with your childhood self. So have fun with it! Play a board game or two, get out a deck of cards, and play your favorite games.

3. Read a book

Reading a book throughout the summer is a relaxing way to shake up your summer routine. Whether you like sci-fi, romance, or mystery books, there is a large variety you can choose from. But it’s great to mix it up every once in a while whether you’re giving a new author a chance or trying a new genre. Reading a book that greatly interests you will make your summer even more special!

4. Eat a slice of watermelon  

Nothing says summer more than eating a slice of fresh watermelon. Its appetizing taste can be mouthwatering to the senses leaving you to sit back and relax as you enjoy your treat. Watermelon on a hot day can be re-energizing, but if you don’t like it, other fruits are just as great.

5. Lay in a hammock

Hammocks are a summer must for they’re comfortable, cozy, and above all relaxing. You could bring your summer book and read a few chapters or simply doze off in the comfort of the shade of the nearby trees. Taking advantage of the summer weather by laying in these makeshift beds can not only be fun but calming too.

6. Stargaze

Stargazing is so fun! It can be as in-depth or as simplistic as you want to make it. If you’re into astronomy, you can buy the tools necessary to see the stars and planets close up, or if you just want to stargaze, you can simply lay a blanket on the ground and look at the stars with your naked eye. Since anyone can do it, stargazing can be a fun family activity or an intimate gathering with your significant other.  

7. Pick wildflowers

Picking wildflowers is a fun activity! Not only is it relaxing for the mind but you’ll have a bouquet for your table in seconds. Invite friends and family over to chat while you look for flowers that peak your interest. Or if you like, find a cool place to sit down and enjoy a picnic in the midst of the pretty flowers.

8. Bike ride  

Taking a leisurely bike ride around your town, park, or forest can make you unwind from the chaos of the day. You’ll be able to observe nature and or people watch as you ride along on your chosen course. You can have fun with the activity by bringing along friends or family to chat with you as you ride.  

9. Collect seashells  

Depending on where you live collecting seashells may be difficult. However, if you live by a beach or able to get to one you should definitely collect seashells on your summer vacation. Not only could you find an assortment of unique looking seashells, but it’s also a fun activity that will leave you with memories of your special summer!

10. Have a barbecue

Having a barbecue can be a great way to relax during the summer. You can invite friends and family over and play family fun games, or you can simply cook up a meal by yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet. No matter what you choose, you can appreciate some good food and have fun during the summer.

Now go put on your sunglasses and relax in the sun, have a great summer!

5 Fun Ways to Take Notes

Notetaking is known to be a slow and tedious process whether you’re reading out of a textbook or listening to a lecture in class. Due to its frustrating dullness, it’s easy to get distracted. I too have found myself lost in thought about random events and situations in order to no longer have to write one more word. But notetaking doesn’t have to be such a lackluster act; it can be fun if you make it be. Here are five fun ways to take notes:

1.Bullet journaling

Bullet journaling has become popular in recent years. However, instead of using it for random doodles and sleep schedules you can draw flow charts and write need to know phrases. Using a bullet journal for your notes can be useful since it allows you to be creative and have fun with your notes. Being involved with the material will help with studying and who knows you might just get an A on the exam!

2. Flashcards    

I know what your thinking, “They’re so tiny.” Well depending on your study habits flashcards could be useful and fun. Sometimes when you’re studying or listening to a lecture, you may feel like there’s an overflow of information and you need to write everything down. Flashcards allow you to write only the essential information due to the limited space. Also by using flashcards in your notetaking routine, you’re more likely to be engaged in your studying due to the need to find the important parts of a lecture or a concept. However, if you don’t want to handwrite everything Quizlet is a great online flashcard tool. It allows you to study in various ways that include games and tests.

3. The old fashioned notebook

Notebooks are great for notetaking, but it’s how you do it that makes it fun. Both, the outline method and Cornell notes are excellent ways of taking notes, but they can look dull. So grab the highlighters, colored pencils, colored pens, and if you’re into glittered pens those too. Creating notes that are visually attractive to you are going to make you want to not only study but want to study more. Have fun with it! Create doodles that relate to the concent, write phrases in the margins that inspire you, or you believe to be important. Just because notebooks are the ordinary notetaking method doesn’t mean your notes need to be traditional.

4. Online notetaking

Many people take their notes online whether it’s on Google Docs, OneNote, or some other program. Online notetaking has undoubtedly increased over the years, and perhaps it’s more enjoyable than other notetaking methods. You can draw, include links, photos, create visually stunning notes with different fonts. However, there is more of a risk of getting distracted by taking online notes since you can easily click a new tab and surf the web. With that being said, online notes allow you the freedom to create notes you enjoy.

5. Drawing

Drawing is a great way to study. You can draw simple sketches of concepts you need to remember, or you can draw a large doodle and write what you need to know in the middle. By drawing your notes, you’ll not only make your notes visually attractive to you but make the act of study fun. Also, drawing can be a beneficial study tool since your likely to remember what you draw.  

Have fun studying, busy bees!

8 Successful Tips for a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can be a scary adventure. As someone who is in a long-distance relationship, I understand how challenging they can be at times, but that doesn’t mean they have to crash and burn. Many long-distance relationships can prosper and grow into healthy lifelong relationships. Here are eight tips to build a successful long-distance relationship I’ve found to be beneficial:

1. Trust your partner

Trust is fundamental in any relationship, but it’s certainly at the core of a long-distance relationship. Since you cannot be with one another on a day to day basis trusting each other to be honest with one another is important. Jealously can overrun a long-distance relationship. Due to the distance, there can be many attractions that pull you away, but if you both trust in the love that pulled you together, you’ll be just fine.

2. Communicate your feelings

Communication can be tricky, especially when your trying to convey your deepest desires and wants in life in thirty phone calls or quick texts. But by being honest with yourself and your partner, you’ll not only gain insight into yourself, but you’ll grow in the relationship too. Also, if your feeling like there’s a lack of communication try planning a day where you two always talk no matter what happens. Even if there’s an impromptu meeting or an exam scheduled there’s at least some texts traded back an forth or a couple of minutes on facetime. Just because life happens doesn’t mean your personal life has to be forgotten about.

3. Plan your next date

Planning dates are essential for long-distance relationships. Due to traveling, work, schooling or other matters most of the time it’s difficult to see one another face to face. But if you plan ahead of time and even more so, if you plan right after a date to have another you can always have a time schedule to see each other. While it might not be for very long, it’s a chance to enjoy each other’s company, and I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s enough.  

4. Do your own thing

Just because you’re in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold for someone else. In fact, instead of concentrating your efforts solely on the relationship you should follow your dreams and go after you wildest aspirations for your future. One of the most amazing benefits of being in a long-distance relationship is the freedom of independency while being loved. You’ll both grow and change from the challenges you face on a daily basis, but due to the support you give one another, you’ll love each other like no other!

5. Do activities you can do together

Sometimes it can feel like your here, and your partner is a thousand miles away, and there’s nothing you can do it about it. While you can’t be in two places at once, you can do some activities together. Whether it’s reading a book, you both like and discussing it afterward, watching a tv show at the same time, playing a video game together, or even playing online trivia. Some activities withstand long-distances and make it fun for both you and your partner.  

6. Have fun long-distance style

Long-distance relationships can take a toll on your sex drive depending on the time period you see one another. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in other ways. Skype can be a pretty useful tool for late-night chats, and even though it can buffer from time to time, you might find it to be perfect for when you need a little pick me up. If Skype isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options available for you and your significant other.  

7. Remember the good times

Among the hustle and bustle of work or school, it’s important to remember the good times of the relationship. You may experience bumps along the road as all couples fight from time to time. But looking at the positives instead of the negative aspects of the relationship will give you an optimistic outlook. Remember the reasons why you love one another and the reasons why you want to be together instead of past fights and squabbles. If you focus on your love for one another, then it will be hard to break it apart.   

8. Sit back and enjoy

Too often we analyze or try to pick apart situations in order to better understand them. But with a relationship sometimes it’s best to simply sit back and enjoy one another. Long-distance relationships are no different, while they have a lot of back in forth motion due to the coming and going, however when it works it works. Embrace your independence, enjoy your love, and have fun at least that’s what I plan to do.

Now off you go, you lovebirds may you have a long, and happy relationship!

25 Silly Conversation Starters

Everyone deserves to be silly every once in awhile. Whether you’re expressing your goofiness with your friends, family, or your partner smiles are bound to pour sunshine to those you love. So sit back, relax and answer some goofy questions because why not, it’s fun!

  1. What’s one song that describes your life thus far?
  2. What’s one trend that you’re annoyed/obsessed with?
  3. If you were in a musical what musical would you be in and who would you play?
  4. What’s a scent that you love/hate?
  5. What is your opinion on hot dogs as sandwiches?
  6. If you had to choose one color to paint your entire house which color would you choose?
  7. What’s a word you love/despise?
  8. Which color of the rainbow would you be?
  9. If you could re-name a color what would you name it?  
  10. If you were an animal what animal would you be?
  11. If you could re-write the ending of a book, movie, or TV show which would you choose and how would it end?
  12. What is your favorite symbol and why?
  13. If you could only type in one font for your entire life what font would you choose?
  14. What movie title do you relate to the most?
  15. If you could live in a book, TV show, or movie which would you pick and why?
  16. What superpower would you like to have?
  17. If you had to change your name what would you change it to?
  18. If you knew it was going to be your last day on Earth what would you do?
  19. If you had to eat a tub of Ben and Jerry for your entire life which would you choose?
  20. What scent would you choose to be your signature scent?
  21. If a genie visited you what would you wish for?
  22. Which Disney princess do you love/hate?
  23. If you had to bathe in cereal which cereal would you pick?
  24. If you found a penny on the ground, would you keep it?
  25. What would you do if a unicorn ran through your room?

Now off you go, smiling angels have a great day!

10 Ways to Practice Self-Love

Too often we are plagued with busy days and tiring tasks that can leave us burnt out and feeling down. But every once in a while it’s necessary to leave work behind and focus on ourselves. Here are 10 methods to practice self-love:

1. Write encouraging messages/ quotes to yourself

It might sound silly, but it actually works! Writing inspiring messages and or quotes to yourself can make you embrace your inner badass. You can write them on a bathroom mirror, or if you don’t like such a permanent solution, you can always use a sticky note. A phrase I have always loved is “You are enough. You are worthy.”

2. Update your wardrobe

Updating your closet is a great way to shake things up. Not only is your style a great way to express yourself but it can brighten your mood too! Wearing clothes you love, feel confident in, and allow your personality to shine through will make you embrace your beautiful self even more.

3. Get a full night’s rest

If you live on six hours of sleep or less, you might be feeling lethargic, low-spirited, and even unhappy because you’re simply tired. However, getting between eight to nine hours of sleep each night can drastically change your mood and boost your self-confidence. So grab a comfy pillow and snuggle in for the night, it will be worth missing a party or two.

4. Do something you always wanted to do but never have

Life is too short to have not fulfilled your life-long dreams. Take a chance and go for it whether it’s wanting to meet George Clooney, taking an Aerial class, or going on a road trip to Vermont. You’ll not only feel happy about your accomplishment, but you can mark one thing off your bucket list!

5. Relax  

Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing at all. Allow yourself to rest and relax by de-stressing.  Binge watch your favorite show, lounge at the pool, or read your favorite book. You’ll see a difference in your mood after a day away from work.

6. Write a love letter to yourself  

Too often we forget our talents and instead focus on our negative traits. In writing a love letter to yourself, you can look inwards and describe your positive traits, or what you love about yourself physically or mentally. By doing such an exercise, you might learn new things about yourself!

7. Say no   

It’s okay to say no. If you don’t want to do something instead of going along with everyone else stand up for yourself and your opinions and say no. Not only will you embrace yourself but you’ll decide to put your moral values before others. Sometimes it’s important to put yourself first in situations instead of relying on others.

8. Celebrate yourself

Sometimes we get caught up in our daily routine, and we forget to celebrate ourselves. Celebrating in life is essential in order to remember that life is not all terrible. No matter if it’s a job interview, an anniversary, or perhaps meeting your mileage goal for the month it’s important to remember you are worth celebrating!

9. Keep a journal  

Writing your thoughts, hopes, and dreams can be a pretty daunting task however it’s well worth it. Not only will you likely learn about yourself but writing has a way of healing scars, of course not for everybody. But keeping a journal is a way to work through your emotions and to express them as well. Also, depending on what kind of journal you want you might find one with inspiring quotes, fun activities, daily prompts, and cute pictures to fill your writing sessions.

10. Express yourself  

Don’t try to be anyone else just be you. If you love to paint then paint until you can no longer stand. If your dream is to become a director in Hollywood than direct plays, movies, and study your craft. If your happy with the material you are putting out into the world than chances are you’ll be happy with yourself. Express yourself in the ways you love and love will find it’s way to you.

Now, off you go beautiful people have a fantastic day!

15 Inexpensive Date-Night Ideas

Dating can be expensive between the dinner bills and the trumped-up charges at movie theaters. But dating shouldn’t come at such a large expense when you want to spend time with your significant other.  Here are 15 low-cost ideas for date-night:

1.Go to a park

Nature walks can be entertaining when you’re with your significant other. Not only is a park a great place to talk about matters of the heart but you can enjoy the scenic view. Also, you can have a picnic, fly a kite, people watch, and don’t forget about looking for animals!

2. Have a spa night together

If you’re feeling sensuous why not bring out the candles, essential oils, and of course the cucumbers. Having a spa night not only makes each other less stressed from the chaos of the week, but it’s a great chance to bond.

3. Exercise together

Depending on your interests exercising together could be a treat! Not only are their many workouts you can do but you can do them for a low price too. You could enjoy some time at the gym, go to a yoga class, or join a spinning class.

4. Go bowling

Going bowling is a fun activity to do on date night. Some bowling alleys have daily specials which include bowling, games, and food all for a low cost. Also, you could invite other couples to play and turn it into a double date.

5. Go to a neighborhood play

Community plays are a great way to shake up your usual routine. Since you never know what you’ll see they’re perfect for a spontaneous night out and a fun way to connect with your significant other.

6. Attend happy hours and make appetizers your meal

Eating out can be difficult when you need to save money; however, you can easily cut costs by taking advantage of happy hour. Many restaurants have a happy hour special where drinks and appetizers are featured at a lower price. Instead of spending the extra money and buying an entree, you and your significant other can share appetizers. It’s cost-effective, and it totally gives off lady and the tramp vibes.  

7. Go on a morning date

Instead of always going out in the evenings for date night, you can switch it up and go on a date in the morning. Instead of planning dinner, you can make breakfast plans. Personally, I would make breakfast at home and eat it in bed instead of going to a crowded breakfast restaurant. But many breakfast places serve quality food at a low price.

8. Cook together

Whether your a professional chef or don’t even know how to boil water cooking with your significant other will be an adventure. If you’re interested, you can try couples cooking class or simply cook in the comfort of your own kitchen. No matter if turns own like the picture on the recipe book or is an epic fail it’s important to note that having fun and spending time with your special someone is the goal.

9. Do seasonal activities

Many people take the changing of the seasons for granted. However, seasonal activities are perfect for date-nights. Since you and your significant other get to bond and relive childhood memories, seasonal activities are special in their own right. Whether it’s taking hay rides, creating a gingerbread house, or hiding Easter eggs both you and your significant other get to share an intimate moment beyond the seasonal disorder.

10. Join a dance class

Dance classes are a perfect addition to any date-night. Not only do they allow you to get close to your significant other but they empower you to explore a different side of yourself. While experimenting with different styles of dance, you can express your emotions and bond with one another.

11. Take online relationship quizzes

If your feeling bored and want to shake up your usual routine take a few online relationship quizzes. They’re great conversation starters, and you might learn a thing or two about yourself or your significant other.

12. Write a love letter to each other

Writing a love letter to each other is a romantic and sweet gesture to share your feelings for one another. You could write the letter on your own time and share it with your significant other on your date!

13. Find a psychic and get a reading for a low cost   

Depending on your beliefs, psychic readings might not always be correct. However, getting a psychic reading can be a fun diversion from your usual routine. Since they’re packed with unusual discovery and entertaining meaning, getting a psychic reading can be a joyful experience for you and your special someone.

14. Go to a beach

Depending on where you live going to a beach may be difficult. But if you live close to the beach, it’s an excellent place for a date. Not only can you look for seashells but you can make sandcastles, play volleyball, and have a picnic.

15. Go to a poetry slam

Poetry slams can be an interesting event for a date night. Since poetry explores the heart and the mind through a literary lens, it’s a great way for you and your special someone to discuss and debate topics. You might even learn something new about your significant other!

Now off you go you lovebirds, have a fantastic date-night experience!