5 Tips to Stop Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails can start at any age, whether it’s introduced as a way to ease anxiety or release boredom. While the action can be easily adapted, it’s not always so easy to stop. However, if you wish to stop biting your nails, there are many ways to do so. I’ve compiled a list of five tips to help lessen the need for nail-biting, but some ideas may suit your personality and style more than others. Without further ado, here are five tips to stop biting your nails: 

1. Get a manicure  

By getting a manicure, you may bite your nails less or simply stop biting them altogether. Since you pay for the manicure, you’re more likely to want it to last longer. Thus, biting your nails may no longer interest you since you want your nails to stay looking beautiful instead of giving in to the urge to bite them. So pamper yourself! Add a pop of color, go nude, or simply choose the classic look whatever you decide make sure you love it. 

2. Coat them with a terrible taste  

If you’re looking to stop nail biting at the sight, then this trick is for you. Certain polishes contain a sour taste in the polish itself in order to prevent nail biting. This will allow you to no longer want to bite your nails due to the terrible taste of the nail polish. While some polishes have a stronger taste than others, most are clear making you forget that you even have the polish on. 

3. Find what triggers you

Nail biting is most likely due to some anxiety of some sort. Finding what triggers you to bite your nails and addressing the issue can not only make you stop but can help you grow as you learn about yourself too. Allowing yourself to focus on something positive instead of a negative act like nail biting can benefit you when your anxiety is heightened. For example, you can write about your anxiety in a journal, or talk about it with a friend instead of showing it through biting your nails.

4. Make sure the lunula isn’t seen  

For some people seeing the lunula (the white part of the nail) pressures them into nail-biting. By making sure the lunula isn’t seen by painting your nails, putting stickers on your nails, or even Band-Aids can lessen the need to bite your nails. Thus, you can allow yourself to focus on the other facets of your anxiety or release your boredom in another way. Sometimes the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind” really does ring true.

5. Keep your hands and mouth busy  

Biting your nails can also be caused by boredom. By keeping your hands and mouth busy, you can lessen your chance of wanting to bite your nails. For example, you can chew gum, suck on a mint, look on your phone, or play with a fidget spinner. Instead of biting your nails because your bored ask yourself what else you can do. Perhaps you can take a walk, talk to some friends, research some news, or even read a book.  

Now off you go, and remember no biting!