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10 Tips for Traveling Outside the U.S.

Are you traveling outside the country for the first time? Don’t worry, with these traveling tips you’ll be a traveling wiz in no time. From researching events to buying travel products, you can plan a trip you’ll remember forever. Without further ado, here are ten tips for traveling outside the U.S:

 1.  Do Your Research  

Research is always important when traveling but especially so when traveling outside the U.S. Understanding what documentation is required as well as the necessary vaccinations needed if any is key. Also, recognizing customs law and import laws of your destination is essential when traveling from place to place.

It’s a good idea to read up on your destination before traveling in order to get a good idea of where you’re going. Books about your destination’s history, crime rates, local atmosphere, culture, and other related topics are a good place to start. In doing so, you might want to pick up a few local phrases to better orientate yourself with your destination. Phrases like, “where’s the bathroom?” or “can you help me find…” could be useful to you in your travels.   

2. Have a Copy of Your Passport  

When traveling outside the U.S, your passport identifies who you are. It’s an important document that you should always have with you. However, since life isn’t always fair, it could get stolen, lost, or even damaged. That’s why it’s always good to have a copy of your passport on hand. Whether it’s a physical copy or an image on your phone, keeping a copy of your passport ensures that you always have a way to be identified.  

3. Have Local Cash 

Since not every place accepts credit cards, it’s a good idea to have local cash on you. You can go to an ATM, bank, or a conversation center to receive cash. Since some ATM’s and banks will charge you fees, it’s best to do your research once again. Before traveling find out which banks or ATM’s you can go to without being charged a fee.  

4. Wake Up Early    

Whenever you’re on vacation, sleeping in is almost required. But if you want to see some of the most scenic sights without the disruption of mass crowds, it’s best to get up early. By getting up early, you can enjoy the peaceful views in the morning sunshine. Also, you can find the cutest breakfast places! Who doesn’t like pancakes, right? 

5.  Buy Event Tickets in Advance    

Okay, let’s be real who likes waiting in line? While many events require tickets to be purchased; the process is often slow and tedious. With some tickets racking up large sums, event tickets can be expensive when obtained at the event location. Buying tickets in advance not only saves you time but can also save you money. Since some online deals may be fitted to your price range, you’ll get a better deal for planning ahead.

6. Don’t Over Plan  

When your on vacation in another country, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Going to events, and sighting is important on any trip, but it’s also essential that you take your time to relish in your surroundings.  Instead of jumping from one attraction to another, soak in the atmosphere around you and get lost in it for a while. Stroll through a market or leisurely walk through some shops. Find what’s unique to you about your destination. 

7. Make Friends with the Locals 

Making friends with locals is an excellent way to get to know your destination. With stories to tell and heartfelt antidotes, they can share more about your given destinations than books. While many people go to see the scenic sights to enrich their understanding of a particular culture; however, the locals offer a wide range of knowledge that is often overlooked.  

8. Bring a Scarf with You  

Travel scarfs are a godsend. With different styles from longer wraps to thick blanket scarves, there’s always a style to fit your destination. You can wear one for sun protection, warmth, or comfort to ease traveling woes. However, with various patterns, you’ll look stylish for any occasion.  

9. Bring a Filtered Water Bottle 

As many people know, tap water is not always safe to drink in some regions. While water bottles are commonly offered, bringing a filtered water bottle can help save the environment. Since you won’t be discarding plastic or drinking contaminated water, you can feel good about what you drink. With different styles and customizations, you can find the perfect water bottle for you. 

10. Have Fun

Whenever you’re traveling, having fun should be your first priority. Whether you’re visiting Rome with family, traveling to Tokyo with friends, or going on an adventure by yourself, you should enjoy your travels. By seeing the scenic sights or strolling through the cobblestone streets, you can delight in the wonders of the world.  

Now off you go, traveling bees go have fun on your next vacay! 

5 Ideas to Embrace Your Sexy

Life isn’t always fair, with troubling family matters, complicated work schedules and bills to pay, it’s easy to forget to put yourself first. But as the beautiful human you are, you should treat yourself and splurge on items or experiences that make you feel happy and sexy. Whether it’s photo shoots or black lace lingerie, these ideas can help foster new ways to love yourself. Without further ado, here are five ideas to embrace your sexy: 

1. Lingerie 

Lingerie is an excellent way to express yourself!

Whether it’s in the form of a costume, a bra, or a crotchless set, lingerie never stops allowing you to celebrate your beautiful body. Due to lingerie’s fun and flirty style, you can choose to mix up your style whenever you wish too. From a large collection of fabrics, including satin, lace, leather, and fishnet, you can be whoever you want to be.

While some people buy lingerie as a means to impress another individual lingerie should be first loved by the person wearing it. Instead of rocking the outfit only when someone else is in the room, soak up your beauty in the mirror, and have your own kind of fun too! 

2. Cotton Briefs 

Cotton briefs are one of the more unspoken pair of panties. While thongs, cheeky’s, and g-strings are discussed immensely for their likeability to impress your significant other. Cotton briefs are just as sexy and perhaps the queen of the underwear drawer. Whether embossed with lace, covered in a cute pattern or featuring a solid color, they embrace your natural beauty. So don’t hesitate rock those cotton briefs like the goddess you are!

3. Sex Toys  

Sometimes you just need to spice things up.

Sex toys can certainly do the trick. Whether you want a new vibrator or something more sultry like handcuffs or nipple clamps. You can embrace your body to make yourself feel happy and sexy, like never before.

While sex toys can be expensive, there are alternate routes you can take to get more bang for your buck. For example, you can subscribe to a sex toy subscription box. While you might not always receive exactly what you want, each week a fun surprise will arrive at your door!

4. Pole Dance classes

Some may say it’s “oh so scandalous,” but it can make you smile for days. Taking a pole dance class is not only a great way to exercise your muscles, but it’s perfect for letting your seductiveness come out to play.

With energized music, and guided by professionals, you can learn a variety of moves including chair dances, floor moves, and pole tricks. While taking a pole dance class isn’t for everyone, for those interested, it’s certainly a great opportunity to celebrate yourself!

5. Boudoir Photo Shoot   

Okay, this is one activity everyone should try at least once! Filled with body positivity, boudoir photo shoots allow you to showcase yourself in a variety of shots in order to display the beauty of you.

While boudoir photo shoots take time to create, you will be the star of the show. With direction from you, the photo studio styles your hair and makeup. In addition, the studio may also have various sets and props for you to use for your photo shoot.

Due to all of these luxuries, boudoir photo shoots can be expensive; however, they are well worth the cost. The images from the photo shoot will not only be breathtaking, but the entire experience will be one to remember!

Now off you go, lovelies embrace your natural curves! 

8 Road Trip Items to Make Any Traveler Feel at Home

Going on a road trip and not sure what to take? These eight road trip essentials will keep you cozy in the car and make you want to sightsee for extended periods of time. While either traveling on weekend trips or across the country, keeping these items in the car will enhance your road trip experience. So buckle up and get ready to see some scenic views here are eight road trip items to make any traveler feel at home: 

1. Snacks  

Photo Source:

Okay, let’s be real; everyone loves snacks! Whether they’re salty or sweet, crunchy or gummy, sour or spicy, snacks are a beloved treat. While traveling, they’re just as fun to eat maybe even more so. In rest stops, gas stations, and grocery stores you have your pick of a variety of different snacks that can boost your energy, maintain fullness, and cure your cravings. So snack away and travel the road you’ll feel like you never left home. 

2. A Good playlist  

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A good playlist can make or break a road trip. So it might be a good idea to take the time beforehand and organize the songs you like best into one playlist. 

While many streaming services are available like Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music, Pandora and more, however, depending on where you’re going and how long your traveling it might be a good idea to download the songs too. Downloading ensures no extra data is used when listening to music, and also allows you to listen without ads the entire trip. How nice would that be! 

3. A Good book  

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Traveling with a book is a great way to pass the time. Whether you’re reading your favorite novel or listening to an audiobook, you picked up along the way. Reading is a fun way to engage your mind to focus on a different activity other than traveling. By reading a mysterious work, or an epic romance, you’ll forget the time that passed when you arrive at your destination. 

4. Games  

Photo source: barnesandnoble,com

Whether you’re traveling for seven or seventeen hours, you’re going to want some entertainment to pass the time. 

You can go the old-fashioned route and pick up a crossword puzzle or two or find a unique word search that piques your interest. For kiddos, you can pick up a coloring book on one of your many stops or even an activity book with various projects for your kids to have fun with. 

While apps offer some cool road games like trivia, dot by dot coloring, candy crush, and others, these games may use extra data when used for extended periods. To be sure, you may want to stick to the tried and true ways of the road. Whether it’s tic-tac-toe or hangman, there are always ways to have fun while traveling!

5. Travel items  

Photo Source:

Travel items are your best friend!

From hand creams, lip balms, to travel pillows and travel scarves. You can feel as comfortable as you do at home while on the road. With travel packages from the best brands, you can pick your favorite face wash, shampoo, and conditioner, without worrying about how it will affect you. 

Another great travel item for those who are always forgetting something is a mini travel supply kits. Depending on the one you get, it might have moist towels, stain removers, a charging cable, and more. Next time your shopping for your road trip take advantage of the travel items that are available to you they’ll make any road trip a cozy one!      

6. Blanket  

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Bringing a blanket on a road trip will not only make you warm and cozy but can make you feel less cramped inside the contents of a vehicle. While you can buy a blanket at any travel store, it could be more beneficial to bring a blanket from home. If you bring a blanket which has some sentimental value, it can make the trip feel homey and leave you feeling happy even when the trip hasn’t happened as planned. So next time your traveling don’t forget to pack that blanket on your bed!

7. Flip-flops

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Flips-flops are perfect road trip attire. Due to the amount of time spent in a vehicle, there is no need to wear sneakers, high heels, or any shoe with a difficult buckle. In fact, while it might not be the most sanitary option wanting to wear no shoes at all is probably the most human response. Flip-flops offer a middle-round where if you require a pit stop or want to stop at a restaurant you can put on your shoes quickly. Since flip-flips don’t hurt your feet and stylish to wear they’re great for traveling to any destination! 

8. Reusable water bottle  

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Reusable water bottles are a great addition to any road trip! While they’re practical for keeping you hydrated, some have great traveling benefits. For example, when not in use, some water bottles are collapsable, others have storage compartments for food, personal belongs, or money. These water bottles tend to be a little more pricey than regular reusable water bottles; however, depending on your trip, it might be worth it. While reusable water bottles can be fancy or simple, there’s always one that matches your personality! 

Now go ahead and get packin’ you don’t want to forget these items!

5 Reasons Why Mount Dora is Florida’s Hidden Gem

Many travelers who visit the Sunshine State, likely choose to visit places like Disney World, Miami, or even the Everglades due to their popularity. However, one of Florida’s most scenic places isn’t one tourist’s are likely familiar with. Located in central Florida and an hour away from Orlando, Mount Dora offers visitors a family-friendly atmosphere where you can kick back and enjoy the sun. Without further ado, here are five reasons why Mount Dora is Florida’s hidden gem: 

1. Mount Dora Lighthouse  

photo source:

Mount Dora Lighthouse is a must-see if you’re visiting the beautiful city of Mount Dora. 

Just a short stroll from downtown Mount Dora you’ll see the picturesque views of the lakefront at Elizabeth Evans Park and also enjoy the sights of Mount Dora Marina. It’s a great family fun adventure; you could even ride around on a segway! 

That’s right, segway tours around Mount Dora lighthouse are available for those who want to enjoy the scenic sights from a different perspective. Catboat Adventure Tours, are also available in which you can drive your own boat and see the charming views. Narration and historical information are provided on the tour, so it’s equally as fun as it is informative about past events, perfect for any family event!  

2. Palm Island Boardwalk  

photo source:

The Palm Island Boardwalk offers visitors sights to remember. With eight acres of natural preservation land, visitors can enjoy a tasty treat at one of the three picnic pavilions, walk through the nature trails, or stroll on the lengthy boardwalk. 

While walking on the boardwalk, visitors are likely to see the beautiful waterside of Lake Dora or spot wildlife creatures in their natural habit. Who knows you might even see an American Alligator! 

While its charming views of the sunset are perfect to view with your significant other, it’s family-fun atmosphere is what makes Palm Island Boardwalk an attraction to remember.  

3. The Royal Railway Experience  

photo source:

This is one activity you don’t want to miss! Provided by the Orlando and Northwestern Railway, the Royal Railway Experience offers customers excursions including family fun activities to adult-only themed rides. 

Some of the more popular rides include the Pizza Train, Murder on the Royal Palm, The Polar Express train ride, and the Royal Wine Limited train. These train rides provide customers with customary dining selections, entertainment for all, and unique interactive experiences! 

While pricing can sometimes change depending on the season; however, normally children 12 and under ride for free. Whether you’re looking to kill some time or searching for a fun activity for the family, this is one activity everyone will like!  

4. Bed and Breakfast Inns

photo source:

If you’re looking to stay in Mount Dora, there is no better place than one of Mount Dora’s bed and breakfast inns. 

Filled with warm-hearted charm and cozy living quarters, Mount Dora is home to about a dozen bed and breakfast inns, which offer visitors a range of options from quaint and quirky to luxurious and grand. Some bed and breakfast inns accommodate travelers with pet-friendly options and convenient living spaces for every type of family. 

While other bed and breakfast inns are suited to serve adult couples and small families. Whether your passing through or sighting seeing, consider staying at one of Mount Dora’s highly rated bed and breakfast inns, it will make your vacation all the more special! 

5. Antique Shopping  

photo source: renningers,net

For those who love to shop for antiques, Mount Dora is a must stop! Since Florida’s Antique Trail travels right through Mount Dora, it offers visitors a chance to stop at various antique shops, and malls, providing travelers with the perfect adventure for antiques. 

One mall, in particular, Renninger’s Antique Center, presents customers with lavish events throughout the year such as cars and guitars shows. While they’re open to the public, an entry fee may apply in some events. 

However, Renninger’s Antique Center also features two separate areas, one completely designated for antiquing while the other is a flea market. While not everyone may enjoy the specifics of antiquing, although searching through a shop or walking through the one the various malls could be an entertaining date! 

Now that you know some of Mount Dora’s perks, check it out and visit it for yourself, trust me you won’t be disappointed! 

5 Scenic Places to Visit on Your Disney World Vacation

Taking a vacation to Disney World can certainly make you the happiest person on earth from the unlimited fairytales to the thrills of the amusement rides. However, by limiting yourself to visiting the parks at Disney World can make you miss out on the wonders of the surrounding areas. These five locations feature their own unique twist to family fun and romantic outings. On your next Disney World vacation, check out these five places: 

1. Cocoa Beach 


Disney World can sometimes be stressful through the long lines and the amount of people that funnel through the park on a daily basis. If you want to get away for a day, why not take a trip to Cocoa Beach? 

Located an hour away it can give you time to relax and regenerate for the next day of Disney fun. While at Cocoa Beach you can surf some waves, have a picnic at the beach or build sandcastles! 

Also, you can take a stroll on the Cocoa Beach Pier and explore the unique shops filled with locally made accessories, apparel, and more. If you’re interested in dining, there are multiple restaurants located on the pier that feature oceanside views and a variety of seafood. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun!

2. Cape Canaveral  


Cape Canaveral is certainly a gem of a city. With its beaches, parks, and museums, it provides a laidback atmosphere for all types of family fun. It’s most known attraction the Kennedy Space Center offers an insight into space as you learn about NASA and the astronauts that entered into history. It’s a great learning experience for anyone interested in space or science. 

Also, Manatee Sanctuary Park is a great place to walk and talk with your partner if you need some alone time. With a waterfront view, you can walk on the boardwalk or have a picnic at one of the many picnic stations. Cape Canaveral is more than meets the eye, next time you’re on vacation check out this scenic city. 

3. Celebration, FL  


If you’re looking for a quaint place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of Disney World than Celebration, Florida is for you. This charming city features various types of food, such as seafood to macarons. 

Also, Celebration, Florida provides activities such as lounging by the waterside, shopping venues like Dazzling, and a movie theater. Since Disney established Celebration, Florida, there is a similar delight within its streets. 

It’s laid back atmosphere is perfect for a romantic outing with your significant other. You can talk in the seats by the waterside or enjoy the day with a book in your hand. Celebration, Florida is a place that keeps on giving.  

4. Disney Springs   


Disney Springs or as it used to be called Downtown Disney features an assortment of activities not offered in the Disney parks. From upscale and eccentric shopping venues to family fun entertainment. Disney Springs offers many live shows, movies, and games such as bowling for families to partake in. 

However, unlike other places, you can be taken to Disney Springs by the Disney bus. It’s a great opportunity to explore the wonder of Disney in a different way. Each night different performers take the stage to bring a new twist to Disney springs. 

For adults, Disney Springs offers various bars, lounges, and even different forms of entertainment to choose from.  While on your next Disney vacation check out Disney Springs it can add a sprinkle of happiness to your day. 

5. I-Drive  


International Drive Resort Area is one of the most diverse areas in Orlando, offering a variety of dining, entertainment, and shopping selections. Some of the venue’s that are most popular include: Pirate’s Cove Adventure miniature golf course, Orlando International Premium Outlets, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not! 

Since I-Drive prices are lower than some of the amusement parks, it has become a hub for many visitors. With its many options for family fun such as dinner shows and recreational activities, it allows families from all over to enjoy their stay.  

However, I-Drive also provides selections for adults like the world’s largest permanent ice bar, BB King’s Blues Club, and more. With both family activities and nightlife selections, I-Drive has it all to make your vacation be one to remember.  

Visiting Disney World can be an adventure in itself but if you have the time check out the surrounding areas and shop at the local stores, see the scenic cities, and perhaps visit one of the many entertainment selections on the way. Disney has many attractions in its parks, but Disney World is only one of Florida’s charms there’s much more to Florida’s beauty you just have to travel and see. Have fun!   

Opinion: Don’t Tell Me to Smile

When taking a picture of yourself or someone else there’s a moment, ever slight it maybe but society has taught you to smile and click. Since smiling is often viewed as an expression of happiness, joy, and even openness, it’s been valued highly as a positive expression to make when taking a photograph. Some job sites, dating apps, and even online media sites encourage users to post profile pictures where a person is clearly seen smiling. While other expressions could be taken as serious, overwhelmed, or confused. As any person has, I’ve taken selfies, full-body pictures, and probably pictures that are less flattering than I would like them to be. However, sometimes, I don’t feel like smiling and saying cheese. Not every day is a walk in the park where the birds sing, and the sun shines. Sometimes you just want to be yourself, and that might include smiling less than usual. 

One day, I was feeling adventurous, and I uploaded my pictures onto a dating app as one does in today’s society, but I was astonished at the feedback I received. “Woah why so serious?” one person remarked. Another added, “You should smile more if you did you would get more likes.” But why should I and anyone for that matter feel compelled to smile at all? Smiling is only an expression of enjoyment, delight, and perhaps candor. It doesn’t mean you are cheerful or you’re in a state of glee. It only alludes to the fact that you can have those qualities. But if you showcase yourself free of those expressions and instead smirk into the camera or simply stare the judgment given to you is that of a negative response. 

As the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” A photo is just that a picture of a time that was happy, made to look happy, or taken to just be taken. Saying phrases like “smile more” or “you should smile” only bring an element of inauthenticity to the scene. If a person wants to smile, he or she will do so. Being aware of the comments you make and their effect on someone else can greatly broaden a person’s perspective. Unlike what society tells you, not everyone feels the need to smile a big grin in a photograph whether it’s for reasons of insecurities, nervousness, or other intentions, and that’s okay. It’s okay to be yourself and showcase your face in any frame from smiling happily to bored and lonely.   

Next time you’re going to take a picture don’t try to force a smile instead let your expressions happen naturally!

5 Tips to Stop Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails can start at any age, whether it’s introduced as a way to ease anxiety or release boredom. While the action can be easily adapted, it’s not always so easy to stop. However, if you wish to stop biting your nails, there are many ways to do so. I’ve compiled a list of five tips to help lessen the need for nail-biting, but some ideas may suit your personality and style more than others. Without further ado, here are five tips to stop biting your nails: 

1. Get a manicure  

By getting a manicure, you may bite your nails less or simply stop biting them altogether. Since you pay for the manicure, you’re more likely to want it to last longer. Thus, biting your nails may no longer interest you since you want your nails to stay looking beautiful instead of giving in to the urge to bite them. So pamper yourself! Add a pop of color, go nude, or simply choose the classic look whatever you decide make sure you love it. 

2. Coat them with a terrible taste  

If you’re looking to stop nail biting at the sight, then this trick is for you. Certain polishes contain a sour taste in the polish itself in order to prevent nail biting. This will allow you to no longer want to bite your nails due to the terrible taste of the nail polish. While some polishes have a stronger taste than others, most are clear making you forget that you even have the polish on. 

3. Find what triggers you

Nail biting is most likely due to some anxiety of some sort. Finding what triggers you to bite your nails and addressing the issue can not only make you stop but can help you grow as you learn about yourself too. Allowing yourself to focus on something positive instead of a negative act like nail biting can benefit you when your anxiety is heightened. For example, you can write about your anxiety in a journal, or talk about it with a friend instead of showing it through biting your nails.

4. Make sure the lunula isn’t seen  

For some people seeing the lunula (the white part of the nail) pressures them into nail-biting. By making sure the lunula isn’t seen by painting your nails, putting stickers on your nails, or even Band-Aids can lessen the need to bite your nails. Thus, you can allow yourself to focus on the other facets of your anxiety or release your boredom in another way. Sometimes the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind” really does ring true.

5. Keep your hands and mouth busy  

Biting your nails can also be caused by boredom. By keeping your hands and mouth busy, you can lessen your chance of wanting to bite your nails. For example, you can chew gum, suck on a mint, look on your phone, or play with a fidget spinner. Instead of biting your nails because your bored ask yourself what else you can do. Perhaps you can take a walk, talk to some friends, research some news, or even read a book.  

Now off you go, and remember no biting! 

Seeking Self-Worth From a Girl who Knows

Have you ever went on a dating app to receive compliments? Have you ever posted a picture just to receive comments on how good you look? How about texted someone you didn’t like to have a conversation? Yeah, I have too… 

My Story

Hello, my name is Hailey, and I’m addicted to attention. 

At first, I didn’t go looking for attention.  As any teenager wanted, I wanted to be loved. But how to find that love was a question I didn’t have an answer for, so I created a dating profile in hopes I would find the prince charming of my dreams. I included a witty bio and added two or three decent photos of me. I didn’t think anything would happen. But in seconds, messages started to appear saying I was gorgeous, beautiful, possibly sent from the heavens. What was I supposed to do with that information?  I believed (at least my adolescent self believed) I wasn’t one bit of what they claimed I to be. I wasn’t pretty, nor was I gorgeous. I didn’t stand out among the rest; I was simply invisible. I wanted to believe what they said merely because it was someone from the opposite sex who could be attracted to me. Thirty conversations later and a slew of compliments, and I began to become confident in my looks. Suddenly I began buying shorter shorts, and dresses that accented my curves because I wanted to be noticed. 

I knew the dating app was not good for my mental health; I mean, how could texting thirteen guys all at once be good for me? But for some reason, I couldn’t get rid of it. I wanted to hear the compliments guys gave me. I wanted to have conversations with other people. I wanted, and wanted but needed more than anything to see that notification light on the top of my phone, blinking away telling me someone out there wanted to talk to me. Knowing that someone wanted to know my favorite color or perhaps my dream job indicting to me that they saw something in me that they wanted to know more about. Whether they were texting five or fifteen other women didn’t matter to me, because at least I was one of them. Finally, somehow in some small way, I mattered to someone, and that’s all I really needed, or so I thought. 

I didn’t see the effects of my attention addiction until guys would no longer compliment me anymore. Soon I would lose interest in the conversation, and guys would stop texting me altogether. My self-esteem soon plummeted and any thought that one day I would find the love of my life did too. No longer did I walk around with the spirit that I was pretty and interesting to talk too. Instead, I found myself crying and in a haze, because no guy wanted to talk to me.  

But with the help of family and friends, I soon realized I had a problem. I had become addicted to the attention guys gave me. Without it, I felt like I was nothing simply a spec of dirt they could stomp on at any moment. But with it, I was someone to be treasured, adored, and loved. I was lost.

My Five Tips

But with the help of these five tips, I’ve come to understand my addiction as they assisted me in coping with my need for attention. If you find yourself looking to others to find your confidence or simply feel the need to text many people at once give some of these ideas a try. 

1. Distract yourself 

There are many ways in which you can distract yourself from wanting attention. There is the conventional way of diving head first into your daily activities which can work for some people. Other people like the distraction of hanging out with friends and watching TV. However, I diverted my attention from boys in a different way. I chose to think positively through a notification stream. Instead of having random conversations, I downloaded apps that allowed me to think positively about myself and the world around me. Apps like daily facts, daily horoscope, and daily quotes allowed me to be notified at random times, thus changing the way I viewed attention. No longer did I need the constant texts since these notifications helped me feel as if I wasn’t alone. For once, I felt like I was in control of who I wanted to be. Perhaps by distracting yourself with apps, you’re interested in it could do the same for you too. 

2. Find value in what you do  

To some degree, I needed those constant reminders that I was pretty because I had nothing else to cling to. I didn’t have a purpose if you will. Finding value in the activities you like and the work you do is an essential part of loving yourself. Learning how to value your talent and recognize that you are needed not only helps with your self-esteem but can make you learn new things about yourself too. 

3. Allow yourself to grow 

You may think you’re attention seeking behavior is who you are at your core as I did. But allow yourself to grow as you explore the other sides of yourself that are positive. If you like to make cakes, then experiment with baking and study baking practices. Allow yourself to have new experiences and even make mistakes once and awhile. Just because you like attention doesn’t mean that’s who you are. 

4. Be honest with yourself  

After a year with minimal attention from guys, I sat down and took a hard look at myself. Did I like who I had become? Was I better off without the attention of guys? The answer was yes. It’s important, to be honest with yourself about what is good and bad for your mental health. Just because something feels good doesn’t mean that it’s good for the right reasons. Be honest with yourself for why you like the feeling of attention or why you like to be without it.   

5. Love who you are    

Even at my highest points, I’ve come to understand that loving myself is a journey. No one can give you the answer or a special code to suddenly spin around and start loving yourself. Instead, sometimes, you need to reflect, forgive, and move forward. Other times you just need to find what you’re looking for whether it be in yourself or in life. Loving yourself takes time. But it’s important to remember to love yourself for the good and the bad: for the mistakes, for the failures, for the triumphs, and the wins. Love yourself for everything you are not just one part of you. 

If you’ve experienced or are experiencing any type of attention-seeking behavior, understand that you are NOT alone.  

10 Fun Activities To Do On July 4th

Fourth of July has been long celebrated by barbecues and block parties. Sometimes it good to switch up the festivities with a relaxing evening at home or a weekend getaway. Doing something fun for yourself or the whole family is perhaps just what you need to relieve the stress of a chaotic week. Without further ado, here are ten fun activities to do on the fourth of July:

1. Plan a getaway

Going out of town can be an exciting adventure if you allow it to be. Whether your traveling out of the state or simply driving an hour away, you can experience different scenery and immerse yourself in the different cultures. While some states are more popular than others for fourth of July weekend, don’t let the popularity scare you away. Enjoy the celebration the way you want to!

2. Bake red, white, and blue treats  

Instead of buying treats for your fourth of July party, why not make them instead? Not only is it fun for the entire family, but it’s a great way to add a personal touch to any party. You can make a cake and decorate it like the American flag, or bake cookies in the shape of a four and paint them with different color frosting. Have fun with it and enjoy the day of celebration!

3. Go for a picnic

Having a picnic at the park can be so much fun! Not only is lounging in the shade relaxing but going to a park can be a great place to go if you have little ones. They can run around and play while you set up the picnic area allowing them to use their stored up energy. If you want to add some patriotic spirit to your picnic, you can always cut up sandwiches into the shapes of the US states or bring a blanket that has some of the American spirit. By bringing patriotic items it may get your child involved with the holiday allowing for a fun learning exercise about the United States and why there is a fourth of July. Whether your child is older or younger, you can always make learning fun.  

4. Go for a bike ride

If you’re bored at home and want to go out, why not take a bike ride around town?  Chances are you’ll see many types of fireworks in the air and see many funny or interesting events happening throughout the night. However, you don’t have to take a bike ride alone, if you want, ask your friends or family to join you. If you find yourself bored while out riding, try challenging each other to see who can spot the most American flags.

5. Have a parade  

If you’re interested in having a fourth of July party but lacking to come up with some activities to do during the party, why not have your very own parade? You can invite guests to dress up in patriotic costumes and pay tribute to the very men and women who helped create such a nation. You can also create mini floats for kids or dogs in the form of wheelbarrows and decorate them in the spirit of celebration!

6. Play a game

Sometimes it’s nice to have some childhood fun. Whether you like to play trivia, a board game, or a game of tag, playing a game can be fun for the whole family. Instead of simply making it a competition, you can make it more educational and interesting. By asking trivia questions about the United States and fun fourth of July questions, you can learn interesting facts you wouldn’t have known before. If you play a board game or a game of tag, have the loser ask the winner a series of questions about a given topic about the history of the United States. No matter whether you win or lose, you can have fun playing a game you enjoy but also learn about the history of the United States.

7. Go to a beach  

Going to the beach can be a great fourth of July treat! Not only can you see fireworks from the water but you can have fun in the sun. Inbetween building sandcastles and surfing waves, you can relax in the shade and read your favorite book. Of course, beaches are likely to be busy during the holidays but don’t let that get you down. Find a relaxing spot and let the cool ocean breeze do the rest.

8. Go to a sporting event   

Are you a fan of sports? Then why not catch a game on independence day? Of course, you might have to buy tickets beforehand, and some teams and or sports might not be playing on July fourth. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play a game with friends or family. Invite them to join in or cheer on fellow teammates. Whether you go to a sporting event or simply attend a community baseball game have fun and remember it’s not who wins, it’s about the love of the game!

9. See a Movie  

Seeing a movie is a great way to shake up your fourth of July routine! You can rent a movie from Redbox, or go out and see a new movie in theaters. Or if you want to be creative, you can have an outdoor screening of a Netflix film or an old timing flick. No matter how you see it, seeing a movie can boost your intelligent wisdom and open your mind to new possibilities.

10. Quiet day at home

Rather than going out and being social, why not spend your fourth of July holiday at home? Sometimes it’s necessary to have some peace and quiet away from the chaos of those who are celebrating. Not only can relaxing at home be the vacation you need, but it can rejuvenate your spirit too. If you want to add some patriotic activities to your day, you can watch fireworks from your porch or TV, watch historical shows, or learn about the USA.

Now it’s time to celebrate, what are you going to do?

If you have any fourth of July tradition feel free to tell me in comments!

5 Thoughts to Think About Before You Cheat

Cheating cripples relationships; it’s a betrayal that hurts deep, and yet many people suffer due to the impulse. Perhaps if more people thought about the act of cheating instead of simply acting on their desires, a person would understand what they want and learn how to find it. Without further ado, here are five thoughts to think about before you cheat:

1. Why do you want to cheat?

Understanding your motivation behind your willingness to cheat can prove fundamental in your love life. Obviously, if your thinking about cheating, you believe something is lacking in the relationship. Being honest with yourself and identifying the underlying issue can help you through such a hard decision. Whether it’s a need for more emotional support, attention, or if you simply want to cheat for revenge. By identifying why you want to cheat, it will not only help you identify what you hope to gain what also pinpoint what’s missing in the relationship.

2. Could the problems be solved in another way besides cheating?

You don’t have to cheat to get what you what. In most cases, the underlying issue can be solved by talking to your partner. While the conversation may be difficult to have, it’s essential if you want to be happy and still be with your significant other. If you’re hesitant about talking to your partner or believe, the issue won’t be solved by one conversation perhaps look into couples therapy.

3. Be ready to give up what you have   

Cheating is a betrayal on many levels. If you want to cheat, you need to be prepared to lose your partner for good. If you’re willing to step out and be with another person, then you need to realize the life you built will no longer be the same. It might sound harsh, but it’s a phrase that rings true. If you’re not ready to lose your partner or the life you’ve so carefully put in place, then think twice before cheating.

4. Realize the ramifications of your actions

Cheating may not only damage your relationship but could also hurt those around you too. If you’re married and have children, cheating can affect the way you’re perceived, which may develop into a strained relationship. While not all relationships are like this, it’s important to think about the consequences of your actions.

5. Understand its effect on the moral compass

Cheating in itself is difficult to handle if you’re not completely sure what you want. But if you cheat, you may experience guilt, emotions of paranoia, and restlessness. Of course, everyone is different, but if you cheat, these emotions may occur, and you need to know how to best deal with them.

Now, you’re probably going to have to sit down and have a real conversation with yourself, but that’s okay. You’re going to be okay.