5 Fun Ways to Take Notes

Notetaking is known to be a slow and tedious process whether you’re reading out of a textbook or listening to a lecture in class. Due to its frustrating dullness, it’s easy to get distracted. I too have found myself lost in thought about random events and situations in order to no longer have to write one more word. But notetaking doesn’t have to be such a lackluster act; it can be fun if you make it be. Here are five fun ways to take notes:

1.Bullet journaling

Bullet journaling has become popular in recent years. However, instead of using it for random doodles and sleep schedules you can draw flow charts and write need to know phrases. Using a bullet journal for your notes can be useful since it allows you to be creative and have fun with your notes. Being involved with the material will help with studying and who knows you might just get an A on the exam!

2. Flashcards    

I know what your thinking, “They’re so tiny.” Well depending on your study habits flashcards could be useful and fun. Sometimes when you’re studying or listening to a lecture, you may feel like there’s an overflow of information and you need to write everything down. Flashcards allow you to write only the essential information due to the limited space. Also by using flashcards in your notetaking routine, you’re more likely to be engaged in your studying due to the need to find the important parts of a lecture or a concept. However, if you don’t want to handwrite everything Quizlet is a great online flashcard tool. It allows you to study in various ways that include games and tests.

3. The old fashioned notebook

Notebooks are great for notetaking, but it’s how you do it that makes it fun. Both, the outline method and Cornell notes are excellent ways of taking notes, but they can look dull. So grab the highlighters, colored pencils, colored pens, and if you’re into glittered pens those too. Creating notes that are visually attractive to you are going to make you want to not only study but want to study more. Have fun with it! Create doodles that relate to the concent, write phrases in the margins that inspire you, or you believe to be important. Just because notebooks are the ordinary notetaking method doesn’t mean your notes need to be traditional.

4. Online notetaking

Many people take their notes online whether it’s on Google Docs, OneNote, or some other program. Online notetaking has undoubtedly increased over the years, and perhaps it’s more enjoyable than other notetaking methods. You can draw, include links, photos, create visually stunning notes with different fonts. However, there is more of a risk of getting distracted by taking online notes since you can easily click a new tab and surf the web. With that being said, online notes allow you the freedom to create notes you enjoy.

5. Drawing

Drawing is a great way to study. You can draw simple sketches of concepts you need to remember, or you can draw a large doodle and write what you need to know in the middle. By drawing your notes, you’ll not only make your notes visually attractive to you but make the act of study fun. Also, drawing can be a beneficial study tool since your likely to remember what you draw.  

Have fun studying, busy bees!

25 Silly Conversation Starters

Everyone deserves to be silly every once in awhile. Whether you’re expressing your goofiness with your friends, family, or your partner smiles are bound to pour sunshine to those you love. So sit back, relax and answer some goofy questions because why not, it’s fun!

  1. What’s one song that describes your life thus far?
  2. What’s one trend that you’re annoyed/obsessed with?
  3. If you were in a musical what musical would you be in and who would you play?
  4. What’s a scent that you love/hate?
  5. What is your opinion on hot dogs as sandwiches?
  6. If you had to choose one color to paint your entire house which color would you choose?
  7. What’s a word you love/despise?
  8. Which color of the rainbow would you be?
  9. If you could re-name a color what would you name it?  
  10. If you were an animal what animal would you be?
  11. If you could re-write the ending of a book, movie, or TV show which would you choose and how would it end?
  12. What is your favorite symbol and why?
  13. If you could only type in one font for your entire life what font would you choose?
  14. What movie title do you relate to the most?
  15. If you could live in a book, TV show, or movie which would you pick and why?
  16. What superpower would you like to have?
  17. If you had to change your name what would you change it to?
  18. If you knew it was going to be your last day on Earth what would you do?
  19. If you had to eat a tub of Ben and Jerry for your entire life which would you choose?
  20. What scent would you choose to be your signature scent?
  21. If a genie visited you what would you wish for?
  22. Which Disney princess do you love/hate?
  23. If you had to bathe in cereal which cereal would you pick?
  24. If you found a penny on the ground, would you keep it?
  25. What would you do if a unicorn ran through your room?

Now off you go, smiling angels have a great day!

8 Tips to Intrigue the Reader in You

Books can sometimes be challenging to read. Too often have I put down a book because I’ve found myself lacking interest for its characters or simply having no interest in wanting to read at all. The last book I’ve read in depth was The Great Gatsby, and that was over two years ago. I would like to learn how to become less bored while reading and thought what better way than writing a post about it. Without further ado here are eight tricks to attract the bookworm in you:

1. Read a book that interests you

Instead of only picking through the clearance books try looking through all the sections of a bookstore. Choosing a book that challenges your thinking, and excites your mind will help you avoid boredom. Sale prices are great but finding a book with a title that intrigues you or an author you know you love is even better. So check out your favorite genre or a topic you like and start reading!

2. Read the last page first

Now I know what you’re going to say, “Your going to spoil the ending!” But reading the last page can actually be helpful if your someone like me who becomes bored very easily. By reading the last page first, it allows you to get involved with the story and predict how the character ended with such a fate. Instead of reading along and perhaps becoming bored with the story’s natural timeline, you can become a detective and search for clues for how and why the character changed over time.

3. Listen to music

Listening to some calming music as you read can keep your interest in any book. Hearing peaceful a sound can make you focus on the content at hand and limit your distractions. So if white noise is your thing or perhaps some classical tunes, it’s time to put the headphones on and enjoy!

4. Read someplace new

Changing your reading venue can do more than you think. If you add natural light while your reading you’ll likely to have a more increased focus. Also, by shaking up your venue, you’ll be able to see the aspects of a book from a different perceptive. Of course, you can read just about anywhere, but one of my favorite places to read is the park.

5. Listen to audiobooks

Who said you always have to have a book in front of you? Listening to an audiobook is a great alternative instead of holding a book or a kindle. By listening to the material rather reading it, it allows you to relax and absorb the content written. In some audiobooks, the author narrates and does so in a tone that he or she feels promotes the overall story. So grab some popcorn and click play, oh boy, this could get entertaining!

6. Read while you exercise

Reading while you exercise can be a treat! Since workouts are known to be challenging to some people, reading can help to distract from the labors of exercise. Whether it’s walking on a treadmill or taking a bike ride on an exercise bike, reading can insue focus and perhaps for some people make the event even more fun.

7. Read while you eat

Reading while you eat can be the perfect combination! Since your feeding your body you’re more likely to focus in on at something that stimulates your brain. Reading your newest book is a great way to energize your mind. Whether it’s reading a few pages at breakfast time or finishing a chapter or two at lunch. Eating while you read is the new peanut butter and jelly.

8. Read with others  

Too often we think reading is an individual activity. But reading is an activity we don’t have to do alone. Various book clubs meet with the interest of discussing the art of the written word. Perhaps there are some clubs that meet in your area that offer exactly what your looking for.

Now, off you go book lovers in disguise!

10 Ways to Practice Self-Love

Too often we are plagued with busy days and tiring tasks that can leave us burnt out and feeling down. But every once in a while it’s necessary to leave work behind and focus on ourselves. Here are 10 methods to practice self-love:

1. Write encouraging messages/ quotes to yourself

It might sound silly, but it actually works! Writing inspiring messages and or quotes to yourself can make you embrace your inner badass. You can write them on a bathroom mirror, or if you don’t like such a permanent solution, you can always use a sticky note. A phrase I have always loved is “You are enough. You are worthy.”

2. Update your wardrobe

Updating your closet is a great way to shake things up. Not only is your style a great way to express yourself but it can brighten your mood too! Wearing clothes you love, feel confident in, and allow your personality to shine through will make you embrace your beautiful self even more.

3. Get a full night’s rest

If you live on six hours of sleep or less, you might be feeling lethargic, low-spirited, and even unhappy because you’re simply tired. However, getting between eight to nine hours of sleep each night can drastically change your mood and boost your self-confidence. So grab a comfy pillow and snuggle in for the night, it will be worth missing a party or two.

4. Do something you always wanted to do but never have

Life is too short to have not fulfilled your life-long dreams. Take a chance and go for it whether it’s wanting to meet George Clooney, taking an Aerial class, or going on a road trip to Vermont. You’ll not only feel happy about your accomplishment, but you can mark one thing off your bucket list!

5. Relax  

Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing at all. Allow yourself to rest and relax by de-stressing.  Binge watch your favorite show, lounge at the pool, or read your favorite book. You’ll see a difference in your mood after a day away from work.

6. Write a love letter to yourself  

Too often we forget our talents and instead focus on our negative traits. In writing a love letter to yourself, you can look inwards and describe your positive traits, or what you love about yourself physically or mentally. By doing such an exercise, you might learn new things about yourself!

7. Say no   

It’s okay to say no. If you don’t want to do something instead of going along with everyone else stand up for yourself and your opinions and say no. Not only will you embrace yourself but you’ll decide to put your moral values before others. Sometimes it’s important to put yourself first in situations instead of relying on others.

8. Celebrate yourself

Sometimes we get caught up in our daily routine, and we forget to celebrate ourselves. Celebrating in life is essential in order to remember that life is not all terrible. No matter if it’s a job interview, an anniversary, or perhaps meeting your mileage goal for the month it’s important to remember you are worth celebrating!

9. Keep a journal  

Writing your thoughts, hopes, and dreams can be a pretty daunting task however it’s well worth it. Not only will you likely learn about yourself but writing has a way of healing scars, of course not for everybody. But keeping a journal is a way to work through your emotions and to express them as well. Also, depending on what kind of journal you want you might find one with inspiring quotes, fun activities, daily prompts, and cute pictures to fill your writing sessions.

10. Express yourself  

Don’t try to be anyone else just be you. If you love to paint then paint until you can no longer stand. If your dream is to become a director in Hollywood than direct plays, movies, and study your craft. If your happy with the material you are putting out into the world than chances are you’ll be happy with yourself. Express yourself in the ways you love and love will find it’s way to you.

Now, off you go beautiful people have a fantastic day!