8 Tips to Intrigue the Reader in You

Books can sometimes be challenging to read. Too often have I put down a book because I’ve found myself lacking interest for its characters or simply having no interest in wanting to read at all. The last book I’ve read in depth was The Great Gatsby, and that was over two years ago. I would like to learn how to become less bored while reading and thought what better way than writing a post about it. Without further ado here are eight tricks to attract the bookworm in you:

1. Read a book that interests you

Instead of only picking through the clearance books try looking through all the sections of a bookstore. Choosing a book that challenges your thinking, and excites your mind will help you avoid boredom. Sale prices are great but finding a book with a title that intrigues you or an author you know you love is even better. So check out your favorite genre or a topic you like and start reading!

2. Read the last page first

Now I know what you’re going to say, “Your going to spoil the ending!” But reading the last page can actually be helpful if your someone like me who becomes bored very easily. By reading the last page first, it allows you to get involved with the story and predict how the character ended with such a fate. Instead of reading along and perhaps becoming bored with the story’s natural timeline, you can become a detective and search for clues for how and why the character changed over time.

3. Listen to music

Listening to some calming music as you read can keep your interest in any book. Hearing peaceful a sound can make you focus on the content at hand and limit your distractions. So if white noise is your thing or perhaps some classical tunes, it’s time to put the headphones on and enjoy!

4. Read someplace new

Changing your reading venue can do more than you think. If you add natural light while your reading you’ll likely to have a more increased focus. Also, by shaking up your venue, you’ll be able to see the aspects of a book from a different perceptive. Of course, you can read just about anywhere, but one of my favorite places to read is the park.

5. Listen to audiobooks

Who said you always have to have a book in front of you? Listening to an audiobook is a great alternative instead of holding a book or a kindle. By listening to the material rather reading it, it allows you to relax and absorb the content written. In some audiobooks, the author narrates and does so in a tone that he or she feels promotes the overall story. So grab some popcorn and click play, oh boy, this could get entertaining!

6. Read while you exercise

Reading while you exercise can be a treat! Since workouts are known to be challenging to some people, reading can help to distract from the labors of exercise. Whether it’s walking on a treadmill or taking a bike ride on an exercise bike, reading can insue focus and perhaps for some people make the event even more fun.

7. Read while you eat

Reading while you eat can be the perfect combination! Since your feeding your body you’re more likely to focus in on at something that stimulates your brain. Reading your newest book is a great way to energize your mind. Whether it’s reading a few pages at breakfast time or finishing a chapter or two at lunch. Eating while you read is the new peanut butter and jelly.

8. Read with others  

Too often we think reading is an individual activity. But reading is an activity we don’t have to do alone. Various book clubs meet with the interest of discussing the art of the written word. Perhaps there are some clubs that meet in your area that offer exactly what your looking for.

Now, off you go book lovers in disguise!

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